• Environment

Berg & Berg is a market leader when it comes to organic wood floors.

Since we’re reliant on what nature provides, we think it’s only right to show the same respect in return by utilising nature’s resources in a responsible manner.

To underline our commitment to and major focus on sustainability, we were the first parquet flooring manufacturer to obtain certification from Germany’s Nature Plus. This sets stringent requirements on sustainability in production and ensures your home is not exposed to harmful substances.

A further example of our organic philosophy is the way we utilise the entire log from the tree. This means most of our floors are available in a range of alternatives, from knot-free to really distinctive, knotty variations. Since our full range of products meets the same high technical standards, your choice is more a matter of personal preference and taste.

Maximising the material drawn from every log is also a way of treating nature and our environment with respect. Extracting one-strip, three-strip and nineteen-strip segments from the log ensures we gain as much attractive flooring as possible from the raw material.