• About us

Since its formation in 1996, Berg & Berg has been manufacturing Swedish organic wood floors that meet the very highest standards. We do this with passion and a keen dedication to our craft; with a little help from the best timber we can find. The result is flooring created for living.

Quality flooring

There are lots of reasons to choose high quality flooring from Berg & Berg. We use slow-grown Nordic wood, which means our three-layer parquet is constructed in a totally different way than traditional equivalents. Using this method, the key middle layer comprises densely grown pine with vertical growth rings, providing unparalleled dimensional stability.

Excellent flooring should stand the test of time. This is why our parquet has a 3.8 mm surface layer of solid wood, ensuring the exterior can be sanded several times. As a result, you can make your floor brand new again and again.

The single strips of wood in a board are called lamellas. Other manufacturers incorporate short pieces at the end of the boards. Not so Berg & Berg. All our strips are at least 250 mm long, even at the ends, with an average length exceeding 400 mm.

Swedish forest

Seventy percent of Sweden is covered by forest. This is the green world in which Berg & Berg is right at home. Thanks to longstanding partnerships with our suppliers, we keep track of access to raw materials and monitor the full production chain from plant to plank. We know everything about the timber we purchase for production and stay well informed regarding forestry maintenance and logging. The majority of our raw materials are sourced from the local area. We also have our own leaf sawmill nearby the production plant.

For every tree felled in Sweden, three new ones are planted. We adhere to sustainable forest practices, and since the trees we use are slow-grown and stand sparsely, they've flourished to meet the needs of a demanding floor manufacturer. Long, cold, dark winters and soil low in nutrients make the wood densely grown, hard and durable. This also gives it a beautiful shade and striking appearance.

Long tradition

Berg & Berg was founded in 1996 by Jan Söderberg and Ulf Palmberg. Their ambitious plan was crystal clear from the outset: to produce beautiful parquet flooring using compelling technologies and at a reasonable price.

Ever since, Berg & Berg has continued to combine fantastic aesthetics with the highest possible quality. Aiming high when it comes to form and function has proven to be a winning formula, as Berg & Berg has developed into an established producer of high quality flooring. Beyond Sweden, the company’s biggest markets are Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Our production plant is based in Kallinge, in the south-eastern province of Blekinge. We also own a sawmill in nearby Eringsboda, a major asset that enables us to fully control processing of this valuable raw material.

Berg & Berg uses Swedish timber, a forest product which is slow-grown. This produces a harder wood with just the right characteristics to produce flooring. As the trees in Swedish forests have ample space in which to grow, more branches sprout lower down in their trunks, giving Berg & Berg floors a highly distinctive appearance. If you’re looking for flooring with its very own story, you’ll find it at Berg & Berg.